Vehicle conversions

Padding of cargo compartment
Mobile repair shop
Installation of wooden floor
Wooden padding with rubber
Fiscal conversions
Conversion for food transportaton purpose 1/2
Conversion for food transportaton purpose 2/2
Load bin
Load bin with tarpaulin
Towing hook

A car, van or truck conversion takes place in accordance with customer's wishes and needs. Besides the conversion itself, we also give professional advice and offer unique solutions for your vehicle. We adapt your vehicle according to your needs and we take care of all the documentation. The conversion takes place in accordance with the applicable regulations.

Our company offers the following types of conversions:

  • Fiscal conversions of vehicles

  • Conversions of vehicles to fit the food transportation purpose

  • Conversion of a vehicle into a mobile repair shop

Besides conversions, we also offer:

  • Installation of wooden floor

  • Installation of a load bin

  • Padding of cargo compartment

Conversion services include professional counselling through which we offer quality, technically advanced and unique solutions to our customers. All conversions are carried out according to the applicable standards and we also take care for all the documentation and type approvals. All our methods are environmentally friendly.


The main purpose of conversions is to adapt a vehicle according to customer's needs. Vehicle, which is a result of an adequate and quality conversion, enables its user to carry out their job more easily, ensures safety and at the same time complies with all regulations as our conversions take place in accordance with all regulations provided by law.

Our company is specialized in converting private vehicles into utility vehicles and into food transportation vehicles. As per customer's wishes, we also perform specialized conversions for special purposes.


Besides the above-mentioned conversions, we also offer installations of different elements into vehicles. In this way, the customer gets an adapted and upgraded vehicle contributing to easier and safer work.

We install:

  • Cab partitions with net

  • Towing hooks

  • T-FIX wooden panels


If your vehicle is not equipped with one of the fittings that make driving easier and contribute to higher safety, we can install those fittings for you. Our company is specialized for the installation of the following fittings:

  • Automatic switching function for daytime running lights
  • Automatic switching function of sound alert when in reverse
  • Automatic switching function of a camera and screen when in reverse
  • Antennas
  • Bluetooth systems

    Various conversions

    • Car glass tinting
    • Multi-purpose wall units
    • Upgrades
    • Tarpaulins
    • Foil wrapping and advertising
    • Air suspension
    • Protection bars
    • Various conversions on demand
    Foil wrapping
    Multi-purpose wall units
    Various conversions on demand


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