Repair of minor damage on the vehicle

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Minor damage repairs are performed with due care and diligence. Our team of experts perform fast and low-priced repairs of minor exterior damage, damaged materials inside the vehicle and polish deteriorated headlights.  

In repairing damage on plastics materials, we use special methods, which remove damage on the surfaces made of plastic, vinyl, velour and leather. After the repair, the original structure of material and the original appearance are restored. The advantages of this type of minor damage repairs are:

    • Substantially lower costs of repairs

    • Fast implementation of repairs

    • Preservation of original colour

    • Preservation of the resale value of the vehicle

    • No need to replace the damaged parts

    • No disassembling and reassembling necessary

    • All methods are environmentally friendly

The repairs of interior damage, among which the repairs of car parts made of plastic, vinyl, velour and leather are most frequent ones, performed by our company are fast and professional. The first phase of repair consists of filling and strengthening the damaged surfaces with adequate material; during the next phase, we restructure the material and during the last phase, we paint the surface. The most important thing with these repairs is to reproduce the colour, its consistency, the material itself and to restore the original structure of the material.

The MASTER TRIM method enables us to rectify all types of damage on the plastics materials. The method is used to remove the following damage:

    • Scratches on plastic bumpers and other parts of vehicles

    • Scratches and dents on the dashboard

    • Scorch marks and splits on car seats and lining

To repair the damaged car seat coverings we use the MASTER TRIM method, which includes the filling of the damaged spot with glue and adequate colour for leather, vinyl or velour. Following the reconstruction, we cover the surface with the original pattern and we restore the material to its original state.

We use the PDR method to flatten the metal without having to paint the vehicle during the process. We use the method to repair all types of dents (with a diameter of 50mm maximum and not deeper than 5mm) which are the result of hail, pebbles, and minor collisions.

The WINDSHIELD REPAIR method enables the repair of minor damage on glass surfaces. After the repair, the damage like small holes and scratches, which are the result of pebbles and hail are completely removed. Such repair restores the original strength and original appearance of glass. The advantages of this method are:

    • Low cost of repairing the glass

    • Fast implementation of works

    • No need to replace the damaged glass

    • No disassembling and assembling necessary

    • The method is environmentally friendly

The repair of windshield glass by Hoedlmayr is fast and low-priced. The use of special transparent mass makes minor damage completely flattened and invisible. This method enables us to avoid an expensive and time-consuming replacement of windshield glass.

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Headlight polishing

With years, headlights lose their lighting effectiveness, become yellow, and the consequence is decreased visibility. After mechanical treatment and polishing, the lights are cleaner, brighter and ensure better visibility and safety.

Using innovative and quality solutions, our customers save money and get more when selling their vehicle.

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