Hail damage repair

Cooperation with insurance companies

We are a contracting party of insurance companies for the inspection, appraisal, and report of damage.

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We also cooperate with other insurance companies

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Replacement vehicle

We provide a replacement vehicle.

Replacement vehicle
hail damage


Our tradition in the field of hail damage repair, which expands over the years, ensures our customers a quality and fast removal of damage, scratches and dents caused by hail.

Repairing the damage is made by contemporary techniques used to remove the consequences which might be caused to your vehicle by hail. Our methods enable flattening of metal without having to paint the vehicle during the process. We restore the initial state of the metal by correcting the dents using special tools.

Paintless dent removal (PDR) is a method used by Hoedlmayr to repair all the dents caused by hail, which have a diameter of 50mm maximum and are not deeper than 5mm. The advantages of this method, which also preserves the original paint structure, are:

  • Substantially lower costs of hail damage repair than with traditional repair methods (body repair, paint application)

  • Fast and low-priced repair

  • Original paint remains intact

  • It does not affect the resale value of the vehicle

  • No disassembling and reassembling necessary

  • The method is environmentally friendly

PDR method is cheaper than traditional hail repair methods. The procedure does no harm to the paint on your vehicle as no grinding, puttying, and varnishing is required. It is an ecological method as no thinners and varnishes are used during the procedure, and no dust is generated.

The PDR method can also be used to repair the damage not caused by hail. We also repair the dents on the doors, which are the consequence of damage on the parking space, defects caused by pebbles etc.

Our repairs are subject to a 6-month warranty valid as of the acceptance and under the condition of normal use. 

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Popravilo poškodb toče

Fix&Save points across Slovenia

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At Hoedlmayr we offer immediate repair of damage caused by hail. Our Fix&Repair points are situated all over Slovenia and are available in all regions. This means our customers do not have to bring their vehicles to Logatec and can have their vehicles repaired at one of our repair points. Our PDR experts perform a quality and professional repair of the damaged parts while the customer saves time and money, as they do not have to drive their vehicle to the remote point of repair.


The Notranjska Region:

    • Hoedlmayr logistika d.o.o., Tovarniška cesta 36, 1370 Logatec, Slovenia, tel.: +386 (0)1/7558 403


    The Štajerska Region:

      • Servis Drev d.o.o., Drešinja vas 46a, 3301 Petrovče, Slovenia, tel.: +386 (0)3/713 60 66


      The Gorenjska Region:

        • Avtohiša Vrtač d.o.o., Delavska cesta 4, 4000 Kranj, Slovenia, tel.: +386 (0)4/270 02 23


        The Primorska Region:

        • Avto Jereb d.o.o., Polje 9b, 6310 Izola, Slovenia, tel.: +386 (0)5/ 616 80 16

Paintless dent removal – hail damage repair procedure

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The repair of large dent with a PDR method

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HOEDLMAYR logistika d.o.o.

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E-mail: info.slo@hoedlmayr.com


Hail damage repairs, minor repairs, collision repairs and body painting, modifications:

Tel: +386 (0)1 7558 403